Veterinary Clinic

We have some important news to share with our community and supporters. As an organization, we’re continuously evaluating how we can do the most for animals while remaining financially viable and sustainable as a nonprofit organization.  After careful consideration, to ensure that we’re using our limited resources most effectively in our efforts to continue giving homeless pets the second chance they deserve, we have come to the difficult decision of closing our veterinary clinic, the Dorothy Clark Animal Center, on February 9th, 2018.

We will keep one veterinarian, and one veterinary technician on staff to care for our shelter animals, complete all of the scheduled spay/neuter appointments, provide rabies vaccinations for animals adopted from us, as included in their adoption, and provide services to rescue organizations.

Change is never easy, but we know that this decision will better position SpokAnimal for the future, and allow us to embrace new opportunities to advance our mission for the pets that need us.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

710 N Napa St, Spokane, WA, 99202, United States
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