Your one-year Sponsor helps us care for for the thousands of homeless dogs and cats that come through our doors each year. Every animal is special, with their own hopes and needs, and each deserves a second chance. Through our Sponsor-a-Kennel Program, you can be part of the work we do and make a difference for our animals. We provide tons of love, and your sponsorship will help to provide food, vaccinations, treatment, medications, blankets and toys.

Sponsor-a-Kennel yearly fees are:

$100 to Sponsor a Dog Kennel
$100 to Sponsor a Cat Kennel
$250 to Sponsor an Outdoor Kennel
$500 to Sponsor a Vehicle

To mail in, print a Sponsor-a-Kennel form, and send to: 

Attn: Sponsor-a-Kennel Program
710 N Napa St
Spokane, WA 99202

Sponsor-a-Kennel Online!
If you'd like to donate online, click the donate button, and enter what you would like the plaque to say in the message box!


710 N Napa St, Spokane, WA, 99202, United States
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