Foster Care Program

MommaCat feeding baby puppies!

Foster Care saves lives!

We depend on the kindness, love, and homes of our foster care crew. They help us save hundreds of lives every year by giving animals a second chance. Our foster program was created with the help of caring individuals in our community as a way of providing more time for animals to find furever homes.

Members of our foster care crew care for shelter animals in their own homes. They may care for kittens or puppies that are too small or too sick to be in the shelter, animals that have been abused or injured and need time to heal, or animals that just need love and care for a short period of time. Once they are old or well enough to be adopted they can come back to the shelter, or their foster parent can take them to offsite adoption events. SpokAnimal provides everything you need, from food and bedding, to medication- you provide the space and all the love that these little critters need!

We are happy to welcome foster parents who have completed the following:

  • Be an active SpokAnimal volunteer, having submitted a completed volunteer application, passed a WSP background check, signed a release of liability, and completed general volunteer orientation
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have adequate facilities for animal care, landlord permission is required if you are renting
  • Have animal care knowledge, abilities, and experience
  • All owned animals must be spayed or neutered, licensed, and current on vaccinations
  • Be able to bring animals back to SpokAnimal for medical checkups, boosters as needed, and adoption when the fostering period is over (if not acting as an adoption ambassador)
  • Interview and be approved by volunteer coordinator
  • Allow a home inspection
  • Attend a foster care training class
  • Sign the Foster Care Contract

To get started, fill out the online volunteer application and indicate that you are interested in joining the Foster Care Crew!

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